Solo Exhibition – Cube Gallery, Bristol 10 – 24 October 2015

This exhibition is articulated around the flow of water.  From mountain streams in the Brecon Beacons, through meadows of the Allt Rhyd y Groes nature reserve near Llandovery, then Penllegaer Woods to the ocean at Port Eynon, and from the more northerly Betwys-y-Coed in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park down to Bodnant Gardens, Katie takes us on a journey through ever-changing colour palettes.  Black rock gives way to undergrowth reds and earth tones to luscious greens and flowers of vibrant yellows and pinks, completing the journey with two mesmerising seascapes of falling cliffs covered in wild flowers and gorse.


“It is said paintings should not need words and are their own language.  However, the viewer may find it informative to know my inspiration comes from the natural world, as I see it, when walking in the landscape and observing the changing seasons, colours and plant life.  Using this as a starting point, the actual paintings are concerned with resolving the formal aspects of picture making, i.e. composition and colour harmony with the more technical aspect of manipulating and controlling the paint.  The physical act of painting is, for me, a form of meditation, of single pointed concentration and a place of refuge.  I aim to produce work which is harmonious, beautiful and carefully crafted; I believe art should engage, not alienate, therefore I try to create works which draw the viewer into my world, as I perceive it.”