In 2012 Katie was commissioned to produce a series of paintings for the New Outpatients Building at Morriston Hospital, Swansea. The paintings of Shore, Moorland, Woodland and Sky have been photographically reproduced and are used throughout the building to enhance the environment for visitors and staff and to act as way finders throughout the building.  The building opened to the public in Summer 2015.



 Shore 1 i-XJcH8vp-M Shore 2 i-Jnmnwqr-L Shore 3 i-mwB6Mrn-XL Shore 4 i-K4kR33s-M Shore 5 i-z45stb9-M



Moorland 1 190 x 100cm – Moorland 2 190 x 100cm – Moorland 3 190 x 100cm – Moorland 4 190 x 100cmMoorland

Moorland 1 i-F3pKkW4-XL  Moorland 2 i-fnpNcLB-L Moorland 3 i-HdWZMt6-X3 Moorland 4 i-Gr4FwdB-L Moorland 5 i-SfGthxH-L



Woodland 1 i-9vPWmtD-L Woodland 2 i-BZ56xjT-M Woodland 3 i-FjcwW3R-M Woodland 4 i-NTjk3xd-L Woodland 5 i-gnSNq8b-M



Sky, 165cm x 123cmSky, 165cm x 123cm

 Sky 1 i-FgvVvc7-L Sky 2 i-R7RDwjx-M Sky 3 i-sgRLNZJ-L Sky 4 i-SJFTNkw-M Sky 5 i-bC4D7cj-M



Stained Glass

As well as the paintings, Katie designed a stained glass panel to go in the Outpatients Building dedicated to Organ Donors and their families. This was created by stained glass artist Simon Howard and is now installed in the building.

Memorial 3 i-w7rB7ZC-L Memorial 2 i-v8pqPHT-LMemorial 1 i-H4Bmzpj-M  Memorial 4 i-dNhd7kH-M

 All images of the above work installed at Morriston Hospital are courtesy of Matt Livey who worked with Art in Site.